Best gift for the holidays Shari's Berries (review)

I just love the end of the year. Its full of holidays, family, fun, and parties. And no party is complete with out some chocolate covered strawberries, and who better to get them from then Shari's Berries!!!! Although have might have to warn you they may not last to when your party starts. At least not with me, I think I ate half the box in the first hour or to it got here. But can you really blame me, just look how yummy it looks.  

Or if you don't have any parties going on feel free to get it to a loved one. It makes the best gift for a baby shower, Thanksgiving or Christmas. The chocolate covered strawberries comes in this cute box and they ship it fast two. I think once I ordered it came in with a few days.  

I got my strawberries with four chocolate dipped cookies. But don't worry if you are not a fan of strawberries they have other things too. Like red roses (cookies), and brownies. Make sure you head over to their Christmas cookies and brownies page to see what is big this time of year.  

 But lets get back to this month. HALLOWEEN this is a fun time of the month and Shari's Berries is right on top of it too. They have fun decorated cookies, cake pops and strawberries for this time of the month.

Just look how cute they are!!! How can you pass this up. Just click over to their Halloween page and see everything they have. You just can't go wrong with chocolate covered.... yummyness!!!!

The strawberries where plum and ripe. They also do cut off the green part (so they can cover the WHOLE strawberries in chocolate).

I just want to say thank you to Shari's Berries for letting me have this wonderful change to review some of your yummy yummy products.

Disclosure: I was given the chance to review a complimentary product from All opinions are mine own and other views may be different from that of my own


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