Can you prevent head lice?

A couple months ago my kids and I got head lice. It was a pain trying to get them out of all of our heads. I thought I got rid of them all, but unfortunately a couple weeks later found more in our hair. So when I heard about a product that helps prevent lice I was happy. Lice Shield sent me some preventative products, plus a few surprises for my kids.
Lice Shield Shampoo & conditioner in 1, Leave in Spray, and a sticker

Random goodies for the kids
Some more stuff for my kids.
My kids loved the surprises, but of course that was just an added bonus. The stuff I was looking at was the shampoo/conditioner and the leave in spray.I will get to those in a minute but first let's dispell some common myths.

1. Poor Hygiene is not associated with catching head lice. Head lice can be described as an "equal opportunity" parasite.
2. Head lice don't fly, jump, or swim. Direct contact from head to head is how they are normally transferred. (unfortunately in my case, I got them from my daughters head. She also shared her head lice with her brother....this is something I wish she wouldn't have shared.)
3.  Head lice can't survive long off of the scalp. So it is unlikely to catch them from clothing or hats. (possible but highly unlikely.)
4. You are just as likely to catch head lice if you have short hair.
5. Head lice can only be caught from humans, your pets can't pass it on.
6. Itching is not always a sign of head lice. Only around 30% of people have itching caused by head lice. Those who have the itching have an allergy to the lice which is what causes the itch.

This product is designed to be used when you suspect exposure to head lice. This might be after treating a family member for head lice or when your child brings home a school note warning about a lice infestation.

Both of the lice shield protects that we were sent are safe enough to use on a daily basis. However neither product is intended to treat an infestation. If you do have an infestation be sure to pick up the appropriate anti-lice agents.

I only wish we had received these products before the outbreak began in my daughters classroom. That said, I did just receive another lice warning from the school. I'm glad I have the shampoo and spray around to help me prevent my family from getting it again.

The products uses essential oils of citronella, geraniol, rosemary and lemongrass. They are also formulated to be gentle to a child's hair and skin. This is a product that the whole family can use.

I'm not used to the fragrance of the essential oils. To me the smell isn't that pleasing. However, it isn't that bad either. I'd much rather deal with the little bit of a dislike for the smell and no lice than have to deal with removing head lice from my whole family.

The shampoo is easy to use, but my favorite item is the leave in spray. Our family is busy, and some days we might not take a shower or bath. I still want to protect my family from lice. Thankfully I can just spray there heads and comb. The spray works nicely for getting out any tangles that my daughter has. It leaves her hair nice and smooth.

Lice shield has a facebook app that will notify you if lice has been spotted in your area. Be sure to check out Lice watch.

Lice shield has also agreed to give 5 winners some Lice Shield products.
Please like Lice Shield on facebook and twitter and then enter to win your own.
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Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I remember getting lice when I was a kid--it is not a pleasant memory. I'm sure they didn't have this stuff 20 years ago!
desitheblonde said…
we never got it but now it going around with the kid here and then they do not like to wash hair
bxcrochet said…
Great that it is a preventative.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com
Anonymous said…
When my children were in school, they also contracted lice and brought it home to their cousins and myself. Not fun! :)
Noelle said…
I like that there is a leave in spray. Makes your job easier.
Rebecca said…
I appreciate that it is gentle.
Amyy Red said…
It shields from lice. I bought that high priced fairy tails lice stuff one time and it leaks out refund and it stank!!! With 5 kids...3 in school...this would be great!
amanda Phillips said…
I like that its made from EOs. I'm a huge fan of essential oils and have used them for quite awhile.
Stevie said…
How cool there is also a spray!

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