Dollar General's new line of affordable diapers

That's right I said it Dollar General's diapers! While I know most of my readers are cloth diapers mamas, I also know there are a lot of you who use disposable diapers too. Most of the time we end up using Luvs on Aiden because the generic brand rashes him out. So I was a little.... well I was really worried that a dollar store brand would do the same. But I was really surprised as to how well it held up.

My first test with the diapers was how long it could last at night. Most of the time Aiden pees so much I have to change him three times. So I put him in the DG brand and got up three of four times in the night to check on him... and no wet bed. It held up better then any other brand I have ever tried!
After a few days of wearing the DG baby diapers I was sure he was going to start breaking out in a rash. After all that's what all the other cheap generic brands did. But nope I did not get that ether!!! Price wise it about matches up with other diapers too. It is $10 for a case of 52 count.

The only bad thing I have to say about Dollar General is that there is none with in two hours of me. So when I buy the diapers I am going to have to get them online. But I don't mind, if I get a three unit case for $30 and then something for me I get shipping for free (free shipping on orders over $40)

Disclosure:  I received this product from the PR agent free of charge in exchange for a review. All opinions are my own, and yours may differ. I was not asked to give a positive review.


TCMS Cooper said…
wish these were around when my little one was in diapers...

chantal cooper
RawMama said…
We cloth diaper but wish we had known about these when we just went camping this month as these are super affordable. Thanks!
charychild said…
We use disposables at night only due to problems with leakage. We still have a bunch of Pampers left; I'll check out DG if we run out before the little one potty trains!

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