Eye Patching

A few months ago my daughter Emarose was told that she needed to patch her right eye. Her left eye was not able to see 20/20 with glasses. Emarose needed to strengthen the muscles in her left eye and this was done by covering up her stronger eye. Thus forcing her weaker eye to work.

We started off using adhesive patches for just 2 hours a day. After a month we went back for a follow up to see how it was working. Unfortunately we saw no change. There had been some days where patching didn't happen, and others where she had fallen asleep while patching. So the doctor suggested that we up the time of patching each day. Now she wanted Emarose to wear a patch all day long.

Emarose is in Kindergarten so I was concerned how this might affect her schoolwork. Luckily the doctor said she could see well enough in her poor eye that she should still do okay at school. I was also concerned how she would respond to having to wear her eye patch out of the house.

The adhesive patches started to bother her eye and leave red marks when we put them on her for 5 or more hours. I knew that there was no way I could send her to school in them all day. So I began searching for other eye patches for her to wear

I found several that I will be reviewing shortly. These made patching more fun and less painful for my daughter.

I also checked out some books for my daughter to share with her class. Books included The Patch by Headley, The pirate of Kindergarten by Lyon, My travelin' eye by Kostecki and Class Picture Day by McNamara. My daughter loved the books and I truly think that reading these books and getting fun patches helped her

After patching all day long for 1 month she has made an improvement in her left eyes vision. She can now see roughly 20/40 out of that eye when wearing glasses.


bxcrochet said…
I love the idea of introducing the patch to her class with a book.

knickgirl_3 at yahoo dot com
Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I guess I'm kind of ignorant on the subject, so this was very informative to read!
desitheblonde said…
i now your feeling like i said i had to wear glass at one and then i was blind in left eye when to school all the way to 6 grade i did not like to wear it
Anonymous said…
I think these eye patches are great to wear around the home to help strengthen the child's vision - and being that they are adhesive, helps keep the eye patch on while the child is playing.

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