Family Firework Display Safety Tips {guest post}

Family Firework Display Safety Tips

Putting on a family fireworks display represents an excellent way to experiment with different fireworks, while organising an event that can be combined with food and hot drinks. Most fireworks displays are held around Bonfire Night, but can also be staged as part of a birthday or wedding. However, it is crucial that you be as safe as possible when planning a fireworks display, which means focusing on everything from getting the right fireworks to finding a suitable space, and ensuring that safety measures are in place for young children.

Get the Right Fireworks

Avoid illegal or cheap fireworks as a matter of course, and always pick up regulated fireworks that have BS 7114 or CE markings. If you want to save time and get access to a broader range of fireworks, buy display fireworks online from Dynamic Fireworks and other Internet vendors.

Find a Suitable Space

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden large enough to handle a fireworks display, then make sure that you have sufficient space to avoid houses and sheds, as well as trees. Most people don’t have this luxury, though, so try to find a local field that can be checked with the council and any neighbours.

Consider Insurance

For a large fireworks display, it’s important to get some kind of public liability insurance in case anyone gets injured. This will also give you more peace of mind on the night.

Organise a Team

Have one person who’s primarily responsible for organisation on the night, and get some supervisors to act as safety wardens during the display. Older brothers and sisters can be used to look after younger children.

Have a Stable Stand

Set up a fireworks stand during the day, and make sure that you’ve tested its weight for launching larger fireworks like Catherine Wheels. These stands should ideally be set up on flat land to avoid toppling over.

Pet Safety

Don’t allow pets to be around during a fireworks display, even if children insist. Pets will get startled by loud noises, and if panicked, can cause serious safety problems. Lock pets indoors with water and enough distance from the display to avoid noises being too loud.


Don’t give sparklers to children under the age of 5, and make sure that any children handling them are given proper adult supervision. If a sparkler falls to the floor, use safety gloves to pick it up, or douse it first with water.

Safe Distance

Children may be curious about lighting fireworks, but should be kept a suitable distance from the launching area to avoid any stray sparks from causing accidents.

First Aid

Have a first aid kit to hand, and ideally have someone around who has first aid experience. For basic burns, use cool water and gauze, but always be ready to call the emergency services for anything more severe, or for sparks getting in eyes.

Cleaning Up

After the display has ended, make sure you retrieve all casings. Not only will this avoid leaving a public mess, it’ll also make sure that any fireworks that haven’t gone off are properly doused and stored

Rob James is a father of four girls.  He likes that there are fireworks available to buy online due to the ease and convenience of delivery.  Rob can be found blogging about many different aspects of family life.


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