Firmoo glasses and sunglasses

I wear glasses and unfortunately don't have a pair of prescription sunglasses. Since I have to wear glasses all the time I never bothered to get a pair of regular sunglasses. So when I decided to get contacts a few weeks ago, I decided now was the time to get a pair of sunglasses.
I choose to get my pair online through a company called Firmoo.They were kind enough to send me the  Womens full frame in Black in exchange for my review.
Looking stylish in my new shades

The new shades look good on my face. They are not polarized but they do offer UV protection. You can also choose to make them polarized or get a darker tint if you want. The frames are $40 and include 1.50 single vision lenses.

When my sunglasses arrived I was thrilled to put them to use. Sometimes I wish the tint was a tad darker, but overall they work nicely to block out the sun. I also love all the stuff that came with them.
I received a glass case, a cleaning cloth, a glasses bag, and a screwdriver. I love that it came with the screwdriver. I've had many times where I wish I had one with my glasses when I needed to fix a screw. I won't have to worry about fixing a screw with these as the screwdriver came with it.

My prescription is quite high so these shades wouldn't have worked if I hadn't chosen contacts. If you have a high prescription that doesn't work with wrap around style frames. Then you can always choose a regular pair of eyeglasses and add tinting to it to make them sunglasses.

They have a variety of frames to choose. They will help you understand your prescription and you can even try them on virtually. Plus you can choose them by price, shape, color, material or prescription type.

I love the variety of glasses that Firmoo has to order. If I need a pair of glasses I will look to them in the future.

They have a first time buyers program that allows you to test out for Free what it is like to buy glasses online from Firmoo. Check it out here.
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