My daughter Emarose takes the same Peanut Butter Sandwich to school each day. To add a little fun and variety to her lunches I found funbites.  Funbites are a cute way to cut your childs sandwich or other food.
Cube Cutter and sandwich pieces
Funbites was created by a mom of two girls. She was tired of spending so much time cutting food into small shapes. So she created funbites which cuts food neatly and evenly into bite-sized shapes. This product works on a variety of foods including lunch meat, cheese, hamburgers, pancakes, fruit, etc.

I was sent a funbites cube it to review. The moment it arrived in the mail we had to wash it and try it out. My daughter was super excited to have bite sized squares to eat. When she uses the funbites cube cutter she ends up eating 2 sandwiches instead of just part of 1. I love that this gets her to eat more of her food.

The cutter is easy to use. Simply rock cutter back and forth over your food 5-6 times. Then take the insert and push it through the cutter. Pop out comes your food pieces.

This cutter is not sharp to the touch. So it is safe for your kids to use too. My daughter loves the fact that she can make her own pieces. This is an easy and fun way to get your kids involved in the kitchen.

This cutter would also be great for using to cut out party platter foods.

Be sure to check funbites out on facebook. Then enter to win your own as part of the Travelin with baby hop.


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