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If you ask my daugher she will tell you that, "She has an iPad. She just downloaded some stuff on it for me to use." In reality it is my iPad, but I do have tons of stuff on it for her to use. I really like to have educational apps available for my kids to use.

Punflay agreed to let me review 3 of their apps. Punflay has a variety of apps for preschool- grade 12. You can choose from education, books, games, and entertainment categories. Some of the apps are even free.

My daughter is in kindergarten and I received word wall, measurement, and kandy fish.

Word wall is a super app that helps beginning readers practice reading and writing skills. These skills are practiced through seeing, hearing, saying, and writing. Some of the activities include putting together a jigsaw puzzle, working on writing down a variety of word family words, and a memory match game.  The activities are designed to reinforce recognition of sight and word family words.

My daughter has played with this app frequently since we have gotten it. I love that it helps her work on skills she is learning in kindergarten.

A feature I especially love is the SmarTots feature. This allows me to get emails to know what my child has been working on in the app. It helps me to understand what my child is learning and gives me ideas on how I can enhance what they are learning.

This app is colorful, kid friendly, and includes over 75 sight words, and 12 word families with 65 word family words.

Measurement is the next app I received. This app has different activities which include crazy clock, scale time, fill me up, long and short, and action month. I love that this app teaches a variety of math skills that my daughter needs to know.
In crazy clock, she touches and rotates the minute hand to set a clock. In scale tale, she is given 2 objects and asked which is lighter/heavy. Their is a little alien that holds out his hands to weigh them and the lighter object is up while the heavier object is down. I love how this is just like a real scale. Next we have fill me up. This is an activity where she drags the items such as cookie, strawberries, milk, etc into a container. Then she is asked a question about which container holds more/less. My daughter seems to really enjoy this one. Another activity is  long or short. This shows different pictures and has her answer the question which one is longer/shorter. She also loves doing this activity. Finally there is Action Month. In this activity my daughter drags and drops the alphabet letters to the outline of the month word. When complete it has a short animation.  All of these activities are ones that my daughter enjoys doing.

Last up is the Kandy Fish app.
Kandy Fish teaches colors, shapes, and direction to young children. Some of the activities on this app include coloring a variety of fish pictures. My daughter really loves the magical color brush that uses several different colors to create a beautiful picture. Kandy fish also has color pots where you drag the fish to the color pot that matches the fishes color. I love the Kandy fun which teaches kids simple patterns by having kids figure out which fish comes next to complete the pattern. Kandy time allows kids to practice drawing simple shapes and directions. This app also has a fun little video with it that has the fish making various shapes, directions, and a variety of rainbow colors.

Overall I am pleased with the quality of each of these 3 apps. My kids love all 3 and I love that each has an educational value. These are quality apps that will be sure to please any young child.

Please like punflay on facebook and twitter. Then be sure to enter the Travelin' with baby hop for your chance to win the Word Wall app. 


Fiddlin' Dandi said…
I think one of these would be really handy to have for my son!

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