No peek patches

As you know by now my daughter has to wear an eye patch. She will be wearing them for at least another couple of months. So I wanted to get some she wouldn't mind wearing. She is obsessed with Dora. So when I found a Dora eye patch from 2 Daughters and a mom I was thrilled.

To begin with the price of these patches can't be beat. They are $3 for a pack of 2. This means that you can get a huge variety for your child without breaking the bank. I know that with Emarose it helps that she has patches to choose from. She can now wear her favorite character or coordinate with an outfit.
I received 2 eye patches. A purple one with Dora sticker and a orange one with a Boots sticker. Around the sticker is glitter glue to make it sparkle.

These patches are super easy to put on and off. Just slide ear piece through the slit on the skinny side. Then place nose piece through the slit on the other side. She also makes patches for glasses without nose pieces.
The patches are made out of a foam material that is then decorated with stickers, gems, etc. to make it look nice.

To make your patch she needs the following information:
1) which eye needs to be covered
2) the type of patch that you need - with or without nose pads
3) what color you would like
4) what you would like on your patches

I love that these patches are completely customizable.You can match school colors, sports teams, favorite characters, etc. with these patches. My daughter loves the color orange and she likes purple too. So she was happy with those 2 colors and Boots and Dora fit in nicely with her obsession.

Out of all the eye patches we have I think her Purple Dora one has seen the most wear. She chooses to wear this one on an almost daily basis. The Orange boots comes in a close second.

Since these patches are made out of foam you do need to be careful when you put them on and off. The slits can tear around the nose piece especially if you aren't careful. However, if this does happen you could trim it some to extend the life. In our case if we can keep Emarose from trying to take the patch on and off we are more likely to have the patch not break.

Overall these patches are awesome and work great with careful adult use.
Please check out the Etsy shop. She also sells some adorable pillowcase dresses. I think the candy cane pillowcase dress would look very nice for the holidays. Don't forget to like her on facebook too and keep up with everything she has to offer.


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