12 Days of Gifts Galore #giveaway

Hey all its that time of the year again! We have a HUGE giveaway going on here, I can't even tell you how much it all comes out to (over $720) So make sure you enter to win BIG!!! If you are not sure what it is, then just click on it and it will take you to the link of the review!

Tales From the Nursery and Mama's Baby Cupcakes
Disclosure: Tales From the Nursery, Mama's Baby Cupcakes and the 12 Days of Gifts Galore bloggers are not responsible for sponsors who do not fulfill prizes or for prize distribution unless it is noted that they are self-sponsoring the prize(s).

Daddy scrubs back pack ($69.95)
Balance Bike Shop- Kazam Bike ($99.99)
Funbites ($12.99)
Lunchboxes.com ($16.95+)
Carsondellosa ($20.00+) Your choice of 1 of the 3 items I reviewed.
veggie tales ($19.99)
Kelly Kits ($29.99)
Rock N Learn ($19.99) DVD/CD of your choice
ilikebook ($19.95)
Brylanehome Ninja ($159.99) and computer chair ($249.99)
ReUsies ($16.00) 2 pack snack and sandwich bag of choice
ilearn Math App ($0.99)
just eyewear ($50)

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Janet W. said…
I want to win the balance bike the most!
Anonymous said…
Balance bike!
Please note: The RC should have 11 hours left. With the new change of midnight as their closing date, it has to be pushed one day later to close on time
I would most like to win the Kazam Balance Bike for my daughter.

-Audra Weathers
Snowflake Day Play at gmail dot com
Tosia Drew said…
The Daddy Scrubs Backpack
Gina Brickell said…
I want to win the ninja kitchen system
scottsgal said…
ninja kitcfhen system is cool
msboatgal at aol.com
polly said…
ninja kitchen system or the kazam balance bike
Sharon Schoepe said…
I would love to win the computer chair
Melinda C said…
I'm most excited for the ninja system. We have one but I'd love to give this one to my mom for Christmas!
Kristen said…
I really want to win the Ninja Kitchen System!
ann said…
The computer chair ; )
Dominique said…
I'd like to win the Ninja Kitchen System 1200 or the Extra Wide Mesh Computer Chair the most. (Nikki Marie on rafflecopter)
Rhonda Martin said…
All of the items are so nice. The Extra Wide Mesh Computer Chair would be my first choice because I need an extra wide chair and this would be perfect. Thanks for sharing this fantastic giveaway with all of us~!
naomi c said…
i love the chair or the ninja system
Ash Johnson said…
I would love to win the Ninja.
ashlee walls said…
the chair would be wonderful considering mine broke yesterday :(
Abbi said…
I really like the daddy scrubs
Megan Parsons said…
I want the computer chair. Mine is over 15 years old!
Katie Amanda said…
I'd like to win the computer chair. Thanks!
Sherry said…
Ninja Kitchen System!
Anonymous said…
ninja kitchen system!
Kazam Balance bike! Chair would be cool too!
Kristi C. said…
Daddy Scrubs Back Pack!
golden storm said…
i would like to win the computer chair!
Thomas Murphy said…
I want to win the computer chair
rounder9834 @yahoo.com
Barbara R. said…
I would like to win, The Mesh Computer Chair.

fotw_1999 at yahoo dot com

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