Brylane Home Glider/Ottoman

One of my favorite companies to work with is Brylane Home. This company has super customer service, and a variety of products for the home. Previously I've reviewed a bedding set and a halogen oven. Products are available for Bedding, Bath, Kitchen, Outdoors, Furniture, Seasonal, and much more. If you need something for your house, chances are Brylane Home has it.

Brylane Home launched new furniture pieces in its Plus Size Living Collection. I was sent the Extra Wide Tufted Glider and Ottoman in Camel for review purposes.

My husband asked me around 10 p.m. if he could put the chair together. I said as long as he didn't make to much noise, I didn't care. I was going to bed. Lucky for him the chair was easy to put together. He had it together within 30-40 minutes. Lucky for me the assembly wasn't too noisy either. I couldn't even tell he was putting together something.

This chair arrived at a perfect time too, since my son was sick with croup. Throughout the next week while Jerom needed extra snuggles and cuddles, I used this chair. It was great for just rocking him and holding him. I loved that I could put my feet on the ottoman and glide them. Another thing I like is the fact that I can swivel this chair around and not just go front to back.

The back of this chair can either sit straight up or you can recline it back. It is comfy either way. I tend to recline just a little bit while I hold and rock my 2 kids. There is plenty of room for us all to sit on the chair. Plus it supports up to 350 lbs so I'm not worried that it will break if I am on it with my 2 kids.
The chair is made of Faux leather and usually I'm not a fan of leather. However, the material feels fine against my legs. It is not sticky or hot like leather can sometimes get. One plus of this type of material is that you can easily clean it up. Jerom (2) decided to color on this chair with a crayon within days of getting it. I heard him doing it, stopped him, and wiped it off immediately. It wiped off easily and without any problems. Thank goodness it was so easy to clean.

My kids have decided that this chair is fun to sit and spin it. They will sit down on the chair and then push off of the nearby couch to get this chair spinning in circles. They will do it faster and faster. The glider is made out of a heavy gauge round, tubular steel base which can handle their craziness.
Another feature of the glider is side storage pockets. They are perfect for keeping remotes, magazines, or a small toy. I love that I can keep the remotes close by and not lose them. My kids think the pockets are fun for hiding their toys.

Please make sure to visit Brylane Home and let me know what products you like. Be sure to follow them on facebook and twitter to stay up to date with their products and promotions. Also stay tuned for other Brylane Home reviews and giveaways coming up. They will be part of the Aiden's Birthday bash event, the 12 days of gifts galore, and the stork arriving event.


Rhonda Martin said…
I like that Brylane Home Glider is so wide. This would be wonderful to read to the children in. It looks so nice and comfy.
sunnymum said…
Looks really comfortable! They also have good prices on a lot of cookware. Am looking to get some new pots and pans.

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