Carson Dellosa (12 days of gifts galore)

I can't believe how quickly the Holidays are approaching.  Carson Dellosa is a wonderful company that has some educational products that would be great as presents and stocking stuffers.

I chose to review the following items: Complete Book of Grade Kindergarten, Seek & Play Puzzle: Fun at the Farm, and  Flat Fish: Alphabet.

 My daughter is an early kindergarten student. She is just barely turning 5. I love that she still loves to learn and wants to do learning activities at home. I love to encourage it, and help her to improve her budding skills. The Kindergarten workbook is perfect for her. It has 256 pages of fun exercises that teach lessons in essential subjects such as reading, English, spelling, and math. A variety of different skills are provided for each category. Of course my daughter loves that it includes stickers. She is more than willing to complete pages all for the sake of getting a sticker.  Emarose also loves to choose which section to work on, and or skill to complete. I love that these are teaching/reinforcing concepts that she needs to know. The activities are user-friendly, with simple easy to follow instructions. An answer key is even included. This is nice because then you don't have to guess if you know the right answer. As a parent, you can just check the answer key to verify it was done correctly. I love being able to see what skills my daughter knows, and what skills she needs to practice.
The seek and play puzzle: fun at the farm is great for both of my kids. My son is only 2 so technically not in the category for this product. However he loves to look at the picture, and find different items in the puzzle.
I love that puzzles encourage logical thinking. This is a 24 piece puzzle that comes with a full-color mat, and an eight-page resource guide. After completion of puzzle, the learning continues with 48 activity cards. Includes cross-curricular questions, and thought-provoking writing prompts.  I love how this uses a child's love of puzzles and builds on it with early learning skill practice.
Last up is the Flat Fish: Alphabet. This is recommended for ages 4-7, but my 2 year old loves to sort these by color. I also like to use them with him by showing him the different letters, and saying the letter sounds.  When used with my 5 year old I can do a variety of hands on learning activities. The foam fish have a letter on one side with a textured surface on the reverse side. Letter and number recognition is taught through activities such as matching, sequencing, spelling, textures, colors, sorting, lacing, and eye-hand coordination. These skills will support national reading and English standards. I love the variety of activities to do, and how sturdy the fish are.

All of these products are perfect for my Kindergartener. Don't worry if you don't have a Kindergartener. Carson Dellosa has products for toddler-high school.  It is renowned for nurturing a child's learning potential and environment through Common Core Standards-based curriculum. Products are available at or at a participating retailer.

Be sure to check them out on facebook, twitter, pinterest, and Youtube. Then come back and enter to win during the 12 days of gifts galore event.


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