Copy Kids with Aiden

Hey guys do you remember awhile back Heather did a post about copy kids? She talked about how Ema would at least try new things now. Well I got a change to also so review this great product with Aiden. When I first emailed Copy Kids I was really worried about his eating habits, most of the time he would only want to eat toast. We would sit him down in high chair and offer him foods that we would eat, but he would just cry and ever eat anything. So we ended up making smoothies and just giving him milk most of the time. I felt like I was failing as a mom. I was trying everything!!!! So I was not too sure how well copy kids would work for us.

Copy Kids is a DVD of other children eating 12 different fruits and veggies. Let me give you a quick fair warning!!! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL THE FOOD FIRST. When started this we only had bell peppers and bananas (we where going shopping the next day). So we started by just putting the bell peppers one on and see if he would want to come get some. With in second of the other kids eating them he start to point at the tv and whine. Not only did he eat the green bell pepper but he LOVES them now. Here is a video of him eating the green then the red bell peppers.

That's not the only thing he will eat now ether. He loves tomato, and broccoli and even cucumbers! While we might not watch this every day, we do on days that we know he has not eaten very well. It also helps that he has a little crush on one of the girls in the videos. He knows what ones she is in the most and always smiles and laughs when she comes on. He also think he can share his food with her (he tries to put the food in the tv lol).

So if you have a picky eater or you just want your kid to try some new things this really is a must try. This really is a DVD that is great for just about any age. From a year (with the bananas and avocados  up to 5 and they are still picky eaters (or just not eating well that day).

Best part is that we are going to be giving away another DVD! But you do have to wait for Aiden's Birthday bash. That's from November 24- December 8. So make sure you head over and like their Facebook page and Twitter page now so you will be all ready. And if you don't win don't worry the DVD is only $19.95 and would make a great Christmas gift to any mom or dads.


charychild said…
We tried the waiting it out method last week. Our four year old WOULD NOT eat the butternut squash soup I had made, and we decided not to give her anything else until she had at least tried it. Boy, did that not work! We finally fed her her beloved peanut butter and jelly sandwich after she continually refused the soup for over 36 hours. 36 HOURS! Now that's picky!

In other words, I have GOT to get this video!

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