Funbites- Heart (12 days of Gifts Galore)

Some of you may remember my review of funbites from a month ago. I'm privileged to work with Funbites again. This time around I received a Heart cutter for review purposes.
Heart Cutter

 I mainly use this cutter for my daughters sandwiches. She thinks the 2 little hearts are super cute. The cutter also makes a couple shapes that when put together make a big heart.
My daughter sometimes has fun putting the shapes together to form the heart. Other times she just eats the shape pieces without forming a heart. She likes them either way.

I do wish that this cutter could make at least one big heart. My daughter loves the 2 smaller heart pieces more than the shape pieces. I'm sure she'd be thrilled if she could get a bigger sized heart out of this cutter.

I also feel that there is a little bit more wasted bread with the heart cutter versus the square cutter that funbites sells. If I could get less waste that would be nice. Sometimes I can get my kids to eat some of the pieces left over,but most of the time they won't. I pack her lunches in the morning for her to take these sandwiches to school.

I have found the heart cutter easy to use and so has my daughter. She loves being able to help with her lunches.

In addition to the sandwiches you can use this cutter on pancakes, pizza, fruit, cheese, etc. This would make whatever you are preparing more fun. I know that with my kids sometimes "FUN" makes the difference between them eating the item or not.

Clean up of the cutter is easy. Just put it in the dishwasher with the 2 parts separated or wash by hand.

Be sure to check funbites out on facebook. Then come back during our 12 days of gifts galore event for your chance to win.


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