Medela and you can help your NICUs

Hey everyone Medela wanted to share some great info with you about National Prematurity Awareness Month. They will be hosting a Virtual Human Milk Collection Campaign throughout the month of November to help increase awareness of the importance of breast milk for premature babies. This will also help to support the Neonatal  Intensive Care Units (NICUs) and their familes. Medela will be so great to donate a total of $30,000 in breastfeeding products to the NICUs ($5,000 to each of the six geographic regions across the country).

Every year there are more then 500,000 families that are impacted by premature births, and thanks to our NICUs they helps the babies survive and thrive. So we need to really step up and help the NICUs in return. Lets help hospitals support moms in providing breast milk to their babies in this great time of need. As we all know that breast is best, but in our time of need we may not always be able to breast feed.

So what can you do? Head on over and enter your NICU to win! Visit to vote! You can only vote once from now until November 30.

Also as a added bonus Medela just announced the launch of the new Quick Clean Breastmilk Removal Soap. The Quick Clean Soap is easy to use and is great for both moms and dads on the go.
Quick Clean Soap is designed specifically to break down the proteins and fats in breastmilk and removes breastmilk residue up to three days old in just minutes. 

It contains no added fragrance or taste that might discourage baby from breastfeeding, and is safe and hypoallergenic.

So make sure you not only head over to vote for your NICU but also check out their new line of Quick Clean products.

Thank you Medela for always trying to help moms.


Kiara Buechler said…
Thanks for sharing, I just voted!

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