ilearn math app

My kids love my iPad so I'm always thrilled to find educational apps for them to use.
I  was able to review the iLearn Math app with my kindergarten daughter.

This app allows your child to add, subtract, multiply or divide. Since my daughter is in kindergarten we focused mostly on addition and subtraction. There are 4 difficulty levels in the game too. It starts off at beginner and you earn coins for each correct answer. You can use these coins to unlock the different difficulty levels.

The background that I used was a Halloween background. However you can change the background picture and icons. Updates are in the works including Christmas themed icons.

One thing I like about this app is that it shows your streak in the bottom right hand corner. You can see how many questions you've answered correctly in a row and try to improve your streak. If you miss a question it resets at zero. I like this because I can quickly glance and see how well my daughter is doing.
Emarose loves to look at the pictures in the background. She also likes that she can earn coins for each correct answer.
If you have kids who need practice with math this is a great app for them.
Be sure to enter the 12 days of gifts event for your chance to win.  Also feel free to check out the publishers blog


Jeimy777 said…
This app looks really great, very educational.
Rhonda Martin said…
I like that the app has fun backgrounds to make it more fun. My son struggled with math and hated to practice. Wish I had this when he was having trouble with his times and division. It went on to fractions. I think kids like to see how good they are doing and the streak score encourages them to try again and increase the score. I will have to pass this info along to my niece. Thanks for the info.
Jon Oransky said…
glad you both like the app! im the developer and its great to hear positive stuff :) i just submitted an update which should be live next week. the new update has new themes a random operator and more! leave a review if you can and feel free to contact me about anything you think is missing or features you would like to see.

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