a great way to make that craft project a little more personal!

I remember when Aiden was first born we took (and still take) a ton of photos and videos. Once I take them I would have to upload them to YouTube just so my in laws (who lived cross country) could see him. I think its crazy that we can do that now a days. See pictures and videos of grandkids no matter where you are. Well has make is not only easier but fun too. has made story stickers. You can upload videos, pictures, and audio to any card or craft project now. Its simple and easy to do too. I had a video of my dad and Aiden playing together, so I uploaded it to one of the stickers, then sent him a card with the sticker on the back. All he had to do then was one of two easy steps. Download the app onto this phone or ipad (then scan the "bar code") or head over to their wedsite and enter the code that's on the bottom. Then he can see, hear or watch whatever I sent him. See really easy!

One thing I saw on website that I just loved was that they added the stickers to a growth chart. So as your kids grow you can take a picture of them at each stage in life. You would also use this in a photo book. Its just a great way to add a little extra fun and joy. 

With Christmas coming up this would be a cute way to send a special Hello or Merry Christmas to grandma and grandpa. Just record an audio, or video of your little ones saying hi or singing a Christmas song. Then stick in onto that Christmas card you are sending out and add a little more joy to their lives.

Each pack comes with two stickers in each and cost about $2.99. They also come in colors too: red, blue, green, pink and black. Head over to their facebook and twitter page to stay on top of new and fun ways to use them. 


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