Tips for beginners to play Xbox games on Xbox 360 {gust post Diana}

The Xbox 360 is basically a gaming console from software giant company- Microsoft. You could find a number of games available exclusively for Xbox. The company has embarked with so many games, which have attracted a wide range of game freaks all across the world, thus giving a tough fight to the competitor – Sony Play station consoles. The Xbox 360 has several interesting features, which includes emulated backwards compatibility. There are only some specific Xbox games, which happens to be compatible with the Xbox 360. The following are some of the basic tips for beginners to play the compatible Xbox games over the Xbox 360. Have a look at these:

The basic requirements
Before you actually install your Xbox 360 console to play the Xbox games, make sure you check the bare minimum system requirements. There are basically two ways to update the Xbox 360 to play the compatible Xbox games. Both of these methods have their own requirements. These include having an Xbox console along with a hard drive and original Xbox video game CD. You would also require an Xbox gold or silver account, this will help you in updating the game online. You certainly need a broadband connection, which you will connect to your Xbox 360 console for online update.
Play Xbox Games on Xbox 360 by updating online
Updating is the best way to play Xbox games over Xbox 360 using Xbox silver or gold account. For this you simply have to follow few easy steps, which will allow you to play games like Halo 2 and other Xbox games and have fun in no time. First of all, you need to start your Xbox console followed by signing with your gold or silver account. If you are prompted for any update, make sure you update your console first. Now, you need to place your game CD in the Xbox 360 tray to run the disk. Once the system reads the disk, it will start the update process automatically. Simply download the required updates for the game; this will remove all the unnecessary errors coming in your way while playing the games. After completing these steps you could easily play the compatible Xbox games via the Xbox console.
Playing Xbox Games on Xbox 360 by burning a CD or DVD and getting the update
Updating via burning the DVD or CD is a bit complex procedure but it is among the best methods for people who do not carry a broadband connection or the ones who are not able to connect the Xbox 360 to the internet. For updating and playing the game you need to follow few steps as discussed here. You have to visit the Xbox official site, where by scrolling down you would see the original Xbox game support update at the bottom, now click this link to download the file.
Now, you need to unzip the content of the file by using the winzip software for the same. You then have to open the CD or DVD burning application and put a blank disk. Simply place the ‘default.xex’ file in your disk and burn the same. Once you are done with it, you simply have to remove the disk and put inside over the Xbox 360 tray. The update must start automatically by saying yes to the update window. Once you are done with all these steps, you are all set to play the original Xbox games over Xbox 360.
Final word
The above are the basic steps which you need to complete before you start playing the games. In order to check the compatible Xbox games, which you could play over Xbox 360, you need to visit its official Xbox website and get a complete list.
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Yoga Mommy said…
You know I am not a big fan of video games, but those dance games on xbox look so awesome - I might just have to give in an get one.. or win one. Thanks for all your reviews.

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