Top 5 Girls Games Online {Guest post by Rob James}

Top 5 Girls Games Online

What makes up some of the best girls’ games online, and are there any significant differences from games aimed at boys? The answer to the latter question is yes, but only if you rely on the Internet’s huge amount of dress up and makeover games. While there are many sites that use these games as part of an overall set of different genres, it’s important to remember that there are educational and more wide ranging games out there for girls. Many of these appear on sites like Nickelodeon, CBeebies, and PBS, and are not squarely aimed at either boys or girls. Considering these games, and some of the better games portals that are aimed at girls, it’s possible to explore some games that can round up time for children.

1 - Miss O and Friends

A games portal aimed at girls from 8 and up, Miss O and Friends provides a superior version of the many makeover and dress up games found online. Launched in 2005, the free site, which has some subscription content, provides a wide range of games. These cover everything from fashion to cooking, news, and the chance to experiment with writing,  with a later opportunity for publication. The site is moderated to prevent abuse and bullying, and also provides quizzes, style pads, and message boards.

2 - Dora Puppy Adventure

One of many Nickelodeon Jr. games based after the channel’s programming, in this case Dora the Explorer, Dora Puppy Adventure offers simple problem solving for young children. The game involves Dora and her dog collecting bones and keys to release a cage of dogs. Representing a platform game with minimal difficulty, the game is designed to boost coordination and reflexes, while also encouraging children to learn to respond to instructions. The game similarly features some Spanish language content, and is ideal for existing fans of Dora the Explorer.

3 - Charlie & Lola - Sock Pony Race

Another game based on a popular television programme, in this case CBeebies’ Charlie & Lola, Sock Pony Race is available as a free game that sees Charlie & Lola race a sock pony over fences, while avoiding tumbleweeds. The game is simple to play and well animated, and ties into a number of other games for girls and boys on the site. The games are more generally grouped around the ‘Feeling Good’ part of the website, which encourages learning about the world through play, and the encouragement of self confidence.

4 - WordGirl

A PBS character, WordGirl games on the American broadcaster’s website provides an excellent way for girls to learn about language while still interacting with characters and other materials. One of the most distinctive games on the site is Power Words, whereby the player has to choose the right word to solve a problem. A test for logic skills, and vocabulary, WordGird is intended to be fun and entertaining, and should be ideal for younger girls.

5 - AllGirlArcade

Another site that contains multiple games aimed at girls aged 7-10 years old, AllGirlArcade is designed to collect together different platform and problem solving games, as well as dress up and fashion games. The aim of the site is to provide a virtual space for young girls, as well as a community with reviews, moderated messages and chats, and a place to find some of the best games on the Internet.

Rob James is a father to four girls.  He recommends Au Pair In Britain to help support you when you return to work.  In his spare time (when he gets some), he can be found blogging about the different aspects of family life, from birthday parties, dealing with fights, and organising family time together.


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