Which is the Best Way to Watch Online Cartoon Videos With Your Kids {guest post by Angelina}

There are two basic ways to watch Ben 10 online –  you either do it live, streamed through whatever device you have to hand; or you do it using episodes you have already downloaded and stored in your media player.

The best way to watch online cartoon videos depends on where you are, who you are with and the options available. For instance, if you are in the middle of nowhere with only a mobile phone then you have no choice: the best and only way to watch ben 10 online in this situation is to use the device in your pocket.

You can still technically choose whether to stream or download an episode, of course – though the actual mechanics of so doing depend on what’s on offer from the site you use. Obviously if live streaming is the only option you have, then live streaming is the only way you can watch cartoon videos online at that time.

It’s important to understand how you pay for the various versions of cartoon videos you can stream or download. By understanding the cost to you in terms of money and data, you can work out which option is best for your requirements.

Live streaming generally gives you access to a wide variety of choice. You can watch Ben 10 online, or Scooby Doo or Batman – or any one of the hundreds of shows whose episodes have been stored for you to see. You do, however, incur a data cost by streaming, which is curtailed if you opt to download the cartoon video instead.

Downloading a video means the file comes down to your computer or mobile device as a whole entity, which is then stored and playable whenever you want to watch it. The actual playback is done offline, meaning you aren’t using data by being connected to the web. You can also save power in this fashion – active web connections make smartphones seek updates and perform various background operations, which burn the battery life down as they do.

There’s an issue with the speed of mobile internet connections too – and this may make your decision for you. Certainly in an area where a  mobile signal isn’t strong enough, you can’t stream online cartoon content (or indeed any content) with any great success. In an area like this you can start to watch Ben 10 online, or Batman or Adventure Time, only to get the message that you have “insufficient bandwidth to stream this programme”.

Wherever possible, then, it is better to stream content by connecting to a wireless broadband router rather than using your mobile provider’s signal. This is particularly true when you move away from metropolitan areas. Outside the business hubs of major cities, fast mobile broadband speeds are as much a matter of luck as judgement.

There are plenty of different ways to enjoy your favourite cartoons online – from watching on a computer directly connected to a home broadband network, to plugging your mobile into a Wi Fi connection. When you watch Ben 10 online, you can utilise any existing device and connection to enjoy your programme.

About the Author:

The above article is written by Angelina from Cartoon Network community. She feels that when you watch Ben 10 online, you can utilise any existing device and connection to enjoy your programme. It is a must watch for any kids.


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