Dora Backpack by Crafty frog designs

My daughter loves Dora the Explorer. Both my kids are kind of obsessed with the show. So when I saw this purple backpack at Crafty frog designs I knew my daughter would love it.
The backpack is purple with a face on it. It looks like the one Dora uses on the show. It even has a pocket on the side where you could place a map. The other side has a star pocket. Sometimes in the show they catch stars and put them in the star pocket. So when I pointed out the star pocket my daughter was thrilled. She wanted to catch a star and put it in the pocket. The star pocket can be left opened or you can snap it closed. You can do the same thing on the pocket on the other side of the bag.
 We don't have a map or any stars yet to use with this backpack. I think my daughter would enjoy making these and then pretending to go on adventures like Dora.
Currently my daughter uses this bag when she comes to daycare  with me. She packs the backpack with a crib sheet, blanket, baby doll, and Girl Scout workbook. It holds them nicely.

The bag is not as big as her school backpack, but it works fine for daycare, church, etc. This backpack would be a little small for folders and school stuff.  The star pocket seems to be more for looks than function. While the other side pocket works great for small items.

The backpack is made well. It has been used for several weeks now and still looks as good as new. Stitching is done excellently and should hold up great. I'm sure that my daughter will get much use out of this backpack.

I also love the customer service I received. She let me know when the item was shipping and checked back to see if I had received my bag. I hadn't yet, perhaps due to the holiday season. She kindly found out more information and let me know when to expect it. She has also been extremely understanding. I was planning on reviewing the backpack in Dec., however due to sick family I'm just now getting this up.

Vivian at Crafty frog designs sells a variety of items including wedding clutches, id iPhone case, handbags, clutches, iPhone wallets, charging holder, wallets, USB/chapstick holder, and more.  Her designs are well made, and if you have any questions or ideas she'd love to discuss them with you.

Don't forget to check out her facebook page and twitter account to stay up to date on her latest creations and to catch any special sales. 


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