Extra wide glider with ottoman from Brylane Home

One thing every new mom needs is a rocking chair. Its great for rocking the baby to sleep and great for breastfeeding too. About five years ago I found the rocking chair I wanted. Well it was not a rocking chair so much as a glider. However at the time not only did we not the money for it but we also did not have the space. Well I ended up glad that we did not get it. We about two years ago had to move cross county with whatever we could fit into the van. So we would have lot it. That is why it really meant the world to me when Brylane Home offered me one to review.
Brylane sell the extra wide glider with ottoman in four great colors sure to match any room. I ended up picking the brown one because it would go with just about anything. It comes in a HUGE box and for the most part easy to put together. The only hard part is you might want a second hand to help hold up the back while you screw the two screws into the back. Then you put on the harm pads and that's it. 
I loved having a glider that I could nurse Logan in.

The back is soft and there is just enough room for you to stretch out just a little if you need too. Which is great in chase you have another little one who is a big time mamas boy and wants to help with everything. We have been lucky that Aiden is a very loving little boy.

I love that the glider is made of microfiber, it is a great fabric that is easy to clean up. So if Logan spits up all you need to do is wipe it off. The chair also supports up to 350 lbs. But this is not just a glider it also swivels. So if someone is talking to you on the other side of the chair, just spin around and you can see them. I just abut always end up sitting in the glider. I love that I can put recline a little and kick my feet up. 

If you are in the market for a good wide glider with ottoman you should really check out this one from Brylane Home, oh and it is on sale right now too. Normal price they retail for $399.99 but right now you can get it for $199.99. Shipping is also really fast, I think I got mine within a week!


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