Hotslings review part 2

Well its been about a month now that I have been trying out hotslings. Got to say at first I did not like it much because I felt like he was going to fall out or because it was to tight. I really wanted to give them my time a effort into really trying it out. So now after about a month and going back and watching the videos on how to get Logan into the carrier I am starting to like it more. With Aiden I did the moby wrap and while I loved it, it took forever to put on and off. With Hotslings it just goes over the shoulder, that's it. So if you are looking for a baby carrier that is quick and easy, try hotslings. And give it a few time to really try it out to make sure you got not only the right size but also that you are working it right. Just like anything it might take a few time to really get the hang of it.


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