Pink Lining diaper bag review

Every mom needs a good sturdy diaper bag. I think I have been through three diaper bags in less then two years now. Most of the time they are so flimsily that they start to fall apart with a month! Or they get stained with drinks and food, and lets face it you can't really clean that out! But Pink Lining diapers bags are made of not only 80% cotton but the canvas is coated with PEVA laminate (an environmentally friendly, food-safe vinyl that is made without chlorine or plasticizers) & 20% nylon and the lining is 100% nylon. This makes it easier to clean and just wipe off the food. 

With two kids now I needed a diaper bag that would hold all the stuff I needed with out it feeling cramped. Have you ever opened your diaper bag to find one thing just to have to pull everything out to find that one thing? I hated having to do that. With Pink Lining you can see from this picture that there is not only lots of room but also a place for everything. 

I have the diapers in one side pockets, the wipes would be next to them but I had to change a diaper just then. Then there is also room for bottles, your wallet change of cloths and much more.

They also come with a change pad and a clear bag that is great for holding anything really. Oh did I tell you it has really cute cup cakes on it! I can't tell you how many times the change pad has saved me with a blow out diaper! 

The diaper bag that I got is there Yummy Mummy Thistle and Dragonfly diaper bag. I think it would be one of the cutest diaper bags I have ever seen. The out side has dragonfly  bees and Thistal (they look like purple flowers). There are also two side pockets that have a bow on them. Then there is the front pocket that has a big cup cake on it. 

What I also love about it is that it has two different types of straps. A long one you can use for around the shoulder and a small one so you can just carry it in your hands. 

I used to think because I have boys that I would need a boyish bag. But then I got to thinking, they are not the ones carrying it around I am, so why should I get a boyish one. I want to get one that I like and that I would use for years! So its nice after two years to finely have a bag that is not only cute but works great for two kids. I don't find that diaper bag to heavy, even after all put all the things in it I need.

I want to say thank you to Pink Lining for offering me this great bag to do a review on. Make sure you become their fan on facebook an twitter to stay on top of whats new. 


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