What hurdle stopping parent-child power struggle over school homework {guest post}

What hurdle stopping parent-child power struggle over school homework
Brought up of Childhood is an essential aspect in the parent's world. When kids grow up, their major nightmare is homework. Reason is kids even elder kids are always playful and they like to spend their time and enjoy the life as they like. They do not have any seriousness and understand the responsibilities. It is the parent's duty to guide them in a lovely manner and force the parent -child empowerment. Let us see that in detail.
Keep a Close Watch
children world is always expectations and their superior model is parents only if they are the only one kid in the home or additionally they consider their brother or sister as role model. Parent's supervision with proximity techniques help the kids to get encouraged a lot. It is better to make the child to sit and do the homework whichever convenient to them. But it should be noted carefully that during that time they should not get distracted with games or computers etc.,

Get Your Child off the Starting Block
Always a good start makes anything to complete nicely. Many kids have starting troubles in doing their assignments. Parents need to follow a Hurdle help which is a total transformation program that makes kids a moral support in initiating homework. Parents can make a practice of just spending 5 to 10 minutes in initiating and then with positive talks it has to be handed over to kids. For slow starters or slow learners, additional care need to be taken and parents can identify that by close watching them.
Challenge Your Child
Nowadays give and take policies work perfectly with child. In order to eliminate the night mare fear of homework, making them doing homework is need to be considered as a game. Challenges can be done like if the homework get completed on or before scheduled time, they will be allowed to perform their playful activities in watching TV, playing games in additional amount of time. When kids say that since have done homework nicely, during exams, they felt easy to answer, then parents need to reward them and motivate them towards doing homework and come out as bright star.
The Mid-Evening Slump
Giving a break in between homework hours makes child accomplish their tasks on time. This varies from child to child. Parents must understand child behavior and act accordingly. If the child is the quick learner, then can encourage kid to complete the homework in the entire week and free on weekends.
After School Activities vs. Homework
Lot of schools are providing after school activities. But ultimately it is the individual responsibility to know the importance of completing homework. Parents should emphasize that if homework are not done on daily basis, on the consequent days they are not allowed to continue their after school activities like dance or any game. This perfectly fits for older kids. Reason is older kids in quite some time becoming as a matured individual and hence in the budding stage itself , they should get trained like that.
Children even the younger kids should get molded in such a way that when they grow old, they should be responsible and accountable. Homework are not nightmare work. Parents should guide them positively and make them happier to grow old. Punishments will not work out but challenges, rewards, motivations help in completing the homework and in fact they bridge the parent child relationship to great heights.
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