Why I have been gone...

Hey all so as most, well all of you should know I had a baby boy December 10. I took some much needed time off due. Now that I am back I want to tell you a little more about what happened so you all can be prepared if you have this problem. Some time ago I decided I wanted to have a midwife but not birth at home. You might be asking what a midwife is and why would I pick that and not a OBGYN? Midwifes are certified by the state to birth your child. They go with more of the natural way, with no drugs, epidural and they try to help this be an exciting experience not a scary one. Here is a picture of my midwife, Susan McConaughy

With Aiden I did not have an epidural, I did however have half a dose of stadol which not only helped with the pain but it also put me to sleep for six hours. So by the time it wore off I was ready to push, and yes I felt it all. So with Logan we wanted to do it natural again but without the stadol. That was when I went looking for a midwife. However with Ryan (my husband) and Aiden both having factor 5 I did not think it was safe to birth at home. Factor 5 is where your blood clots and you need to take blood thinners  however both Ryan and Aiden don't have it that bad. Well I ended up being glad I went to the hospital.

We decided to induce me a week early, I was in a lot of pain, Aiden was a big baby, and I did not want to have Logan on Christmas. Turns out after Logan was born they think he was closer to 40-41 weeks then 39. I did have to deal with some people being "mad" at me for getting inducted at 39 weeks. Please if you have anyone telling you the same thing remember that they are not in you body and you are doing what is best for YOU and not THEM!

o the morning of the 10th we went in. and at about 10:30 am they broke my water. I felt fine, in fact I was up walking around... more like dancing in the hall ways. No really I was April even has a video to prove it. We did everything we could to help this go fast and smooth. I was drinking raspberry tea, spraying lavender and even playing Christmas music. Two hours later I was still not having contractions coming along so they wanted to give me pitocin, however both my midwife and I thought that is was not needed. And it was not a few minutes later I started to get contractions back to back.

Let me tell you something that all women going into labor should know..... hot water helps with the contractions. Not all hospitals have a laboring tub, if your does not then just hop into the shower and get the hot water all over your belly. I did this with both Aiden and Logan. I did not realize how bad they contractions where until I got out of the tub. About two hours (it is not 12 pm) I am in a ton of pain and I know things are starting to happen!

At about 4 pm I am in full active labor. Now you might be asking what is the difference between active labor and labor? Well active labor is just when your contractions are about 5 minutes apart and getting stronger. At about 4:10 I was ready to push and was hoping he was nothing like Aiden who got stuck  coming out. HA!!! Logan got stuck to but in a different way. Logan had his umbilicord wrapped around this neck twice and his hand up by his face. So I had a hard time pushing him out. In fact they had to get on top of me and help push him out! That was really scary, I felt like I could not breath and like I was about to pass out. However he came out fast and over all was fine. He just had a very purple face.

My little Logan was 8 lbs 8 oz and 21 inc long. They took him right to the NICU to make sure he was ok. Me however I was bleeding a lot. I ended up hemorrhaging for about 4 hours. They could not stop the bleeding. I ended up losing 800cc of blood (now a normal person can donate 450cc  of blood), I was told after that had I of lost 200 more I would have had a blood transfusion. They ended up giving me some kind of shot. I am not sure what it was call, at that point I was balling my eyes out from the pain on them pushing on my stomach still. I was told that if this shot did not stop the bleeding then I would been to get a DnC. Thank the Lord it did stop. After that they let me eat and see Logan.

We ended up staying in the hospital for three days just to make sure we where both ok. I was then told that it will take about 6-8 week for me to get all my blood back so I should take it easy and slow, and not to work out. Now that it has been 5 weeks I am starting to feel better and ready to start my life again.


Charis's Mum said…
Thanks for sharing your birth story.

I'm sorry you had to deal with people who were "mad" at you for having an induction. I get frustrated by others thinking they know what's best for me and my baby.
Our stories are almost identical. After I had my son i wouldn't stop bleeding and I ended up getting the shot, had a reaction then they gave me morphone to go back in and "look", had a reaction to that. Finally they gave me a pill and said if this DOESN'T work or if I have a reaction it was D&C time. Luckily I had no reaction and the pill worked. But I know exactly how you felt. I however was alone during all of it, my husband was at home with my other two kids as we were living out of state at the time not around family.

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