Baby Ganics reviews

 With two little boys you can only guess how messy they get! Whether its playing at the park, eating, crafting you name they always make a mess. And I am not talking just all over the floor, I am talking about their face and hands. Most of the time I end up using wet wips to clean them up, but it would be nice not to use much so I can save them for diaper changes. Baby Ganics must have thought the same thing. That is why they made a hands and face wipe. 

On a whole I love Baby Ganics, they always make products that are safe for baby and the environment. Their Hand and Face wipes are biodegradable, has no chlorine or toxins. They are also pediatrician and dermatologist tested which as you know I love because my boys (like me) have sensitive skin.  

The fact that it is in a smaller bag then the HUGE wet wipes make it easier for me to carry around. Lets face it with two kids your diaper bad is already really full! You can get a bag for $4.99 and can be purchased at Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby,, and
Another thing I really like about this is that they don't leave your face feeling wet, greasy, or oily just smooth and clean. I just have to be careful that Aiden does not get at it, because he loves to be clean. So that means using a TON of wipes for everything. I want to thank Baby Ganics for not only making this great product but for everything they make. Know that they are doing what they can to make things safe and free toxins free. 


Tomi Clark said…
I don't know what I'd do without wipes. Even though mine are babies anymore, wipes are a must have. We use them in the park, in the car and at home all the time. These BabyGanics wipes sound awesome because I use hypoallergenic products when I can because of my kids' sensitive skin. Thanks for sharing.
Daisy B said…
These look really convenient! I love organic products and want to try this brand.
Closer to Lucy said…
I literally keep wipes wherever I can stash them! I'd be lost if I could pull them out from every nook and cranny :0)
Haven't found an organic brand...until now, thank you for sharing.
my kids are tweens and I STILL carry wipes around! Amazing how often you need to clean up messy hands and faces even when they get older!

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