How to become child's friend being new parents

How to become child's friend being new parents-Gust post
Parenthood bestows new responsibilities upon all those who pass through this phase. While being the caretaker of your child, one often forgets that the young child also requires a friendly treatment from you. This often brings us to the question that if we can be a friend to our children.
Contrary to what many child psychologists point out it is not a difficult task to be friends with your children, despite being new parents. Follow the below listed steps and you will find it an easy task to be on friendly terms with your child.

1.) Understand the child’s needs
A child’s world is quite small. All they want is a caring attitude from the parents and the ability to fulfill their desires. If you are able to understand your child’s need and bring about a change in your behavior as per the need of your child, the work is done almost.
A beginning can be made by spending some time with the child so that you are able to understand their needs in an organized manner. This will help you bring about a positive change in your behavior thus helping you connect with the child in a better manner.
2.) Find out time for the child
After a hectic day at work you may be burdened and wanting to relax in peace. However, the challenge lies in overcoming this anguish and spend some joyous moments with the child. Children want parents to listen to them and if you develop the patience of giving a hearing to the child, you will find that the child will eventually start cherishing your company.
Play games with the child and try to understand their needs. A smile on the child’s face is a recognition of the fact that they have accepted you as your friends. If you are able to realize this objective, your task stands accomplished and you will be a worthy friend of your child.
3.) Tell stories to the child
Children love listening to stories absolutely. Remember the days of your childhood when you used to run to your grandparents for listening to mythological tales. Given the changing times, most of us now live in nuclear families, far away from parents. This makes your task double tough of being on friendly terms with the child.
However, you can make up substantially by adopting a pro child approach and making them feel important. As your child heads to the bed every night, ensure that you share some tales with them. If the child is too young, you can start by singing some nursery rhymes and subsequently explain the relevance of the poem to them.
A bit older children can be enthralled with tales of bygone era. Children howsoever they might be attuned to technological innovations still relish stories a lot and will love the efforts you make in order to realize this objective.
Being friends with the children is the best gift you can give them. Wake up to this realization and become friends with the child before he or she grows up. The child will love you absolutely for this.
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