Kid switch, teach your kids to turn the lights on and off the easy way

Now that Aiden is almost 2 1/2 his little arms are not so little anymore! He can go around and turn on every light switch in the house. But he can't quite reach to turn it off. I can't begin to tell you how many time I have found him on a chair or something to try and turn the light off. Last thing I want is for him to fall trying to turn the lights off. Or me saying something like, "Aiden turn your light off when your not in your room" just to remember that he can't reach it to turn it off. I needed to find a way to fix this, other then me going in his room every 5 mins to turn the light off! Luckily for me someone else was having the same problem and found a way to fix it. It is called the KidSwitch and it goes right on light switch. I happen to have one of the older light switches. You know the one with the toggle, now a days it seams like most people have the Decora switch. So don't worry Kid Switch has thought of us both and made a product for both. 
This is really easy to put on, all you will need is a screwdriver. Just place a piece of tape down over the light switch cover, unscrew the screws and then place the kid switch over the light switch. Then you screw the screws back on. That's it! The only thing I have to tell you to be careful about is not to screw it on to tight or the switch will not move up and down to well. If you are still not sure how to install it just head over to how it works and you can see there too.

When Aiden first saw this he was not sure what to do with it. Once I showed him that is how you turn your light on and off he loved it. It really is a great way to save energy, and to teach you kids how to be more energy efficient. Now when I tell Aiden to turn off his light, and I know he can do it.

Best part it (well at least for me) it glows in the dark. Now that it is getting darker sooner then Aiden goes to bed, he can find his light switch and turn it on and off. Or as we are trying to potty train him, he will be able to find the light switch in the bathroom too.

 If you want to buy one head on over to BUY KIDS SWITCH


Closer to Lucy said…
Ms. Ma'am has one of idea ever!
Daisy B said…
This is too cool! My toddler will get a kick out of this because he always asks me to pick him up so that he can turn the light on or off. He would be able to reach this with his little stool!
Jai M. said…
What a clever idea!

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