My Mary Kay make over

Way back in February when I went to go try on dress, I entered to try and win my dress. Well I did not win it, but I did win something, I won a Mary Kay spa day, for me and up to 5 others. I took my mother in law, I was going to take April too but she woke up with pink eye that morning. 

I know what your thinking, probably the same thing I was... oh Mary Kay, big deal everyone sells Mary Kay but no one ever buys it. Well I am a full time buyer and so to be seller. That is because I tried it and loved it. I never want to sell things that I am not passionate about. I am also not a hard closer I want women to buy it because they love it not because it was the only way to shut me up lol.
We had a ton of fun doing the spa day but I found two things I will never live without now.  The fist is their TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation.

I always have a hard time with foundations because of my skin. I have very dry to oily skin. When I put powder on it makes me look flacky and if I do a liquid it goes on thick and makes me feel like I have cake on my face. I want something that is going to cover me with out yellowing me out and make me look like I have stuff on. Their TimeWise Matte-Wear Liquid Foundation goes on so smooth and feels like you don't have anything on at all.  But it also covers all of my red spots and the acne that I still have.

And the other is the Mary Kay® Facial Highlighting Pen. I use this under my eyes to help hide the dark circles. I never bought any before because it always make me dark circles look darker and not lighter. Well April got to go back with me and we did a make over day too so I can find the right colors for the wedding. So here is what April (once she got over her pink eye) and I look like after our make overs.


Me (Katie)


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