official The Bible companion books #giveaway #BibleSeries

Did you get to see The Bible — an epic 10-part miniseries? I will be the first to say I missed it when it started this last Sunday. If you missed it to don't worry the remaining episodes will show on Sundays at 8PM on the History channel so make sure you tune in. Now then how about a giveaway? One luck winner will win one of the official The Bible companion books. 

While you are at it try taking the quiz, or just check out some of the great stuff from this link: 

I am working with History Channel, and they supplied these materials to me.


wow 43% i think i need to go back and read some more lol
Jen Boehme said…
72%, not bad. That was fun.
Marie said…
Got them all, but it says 99% =)

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