Baby Smiles, #GearingUp4Baby sponsor

I love taking pictures every month to see and show off how much my little ones grow. I had belly sickers when I was pregnant now I have them for every month older Logan is. Logan just turned 4 months yesterday and I still ask myself how this 25inc long and 18 lb baby fit into my belly at one point Going back and looking at his new born pictures, it just amazes me how much and how fast they grow. So the best way that I take pictures and make sure I remember how old he was at the time, I use belly stickers. I love Baby Smiles because they have sticker not just for the babies month, but also belly stickers for mom. 

They even have some in the shape of a tie for little boys. I got the Marc - Cute Teddy Bear Baby Boy because I am a sucker for teddy bears. And look at how cute the little bears are in the diapers! But man if I had a little girl I would get the cup cake ones! The price for the sticker are a killer deal, for about $9.99 your getting 13 stickers and 13 memorable photos.

I would love to thank Baby Smiles for helping to make each month a special one. Make sure you guys head over to Baby Smiles and like them on their facebook page. Then come back on the 15 and enter for a chance to win your own set! 


Janet W. said…
I love these stickers! How nice to look back at a picture and have no doubt what age they were!
lisamercy said…
i love these! i have a new baby these would be great for..

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