Golden State Fruit Mother's day sponsor

As I am sure you all know that golden state fruit is sponsoring our Mother's day 2013 giveaway. If you have not entire to win yet make use you head on over and enter. So now then to tell you more about what you will win from them: Happy Mother's Day Savory and Sweet Fruit Basket.

This baskets is full of sweet and savory (I guess that is why they named it that) treats. It comes in a big basket with a pink (as I am sure you can see from the picture) "Happy Mother's Day" ribbon. There is also a creamy jack cheese with crackers. Thee different types of pears, two apples, and many other yummy fruits.

Here is what your basket will look like when it comes in. So if this is for your mom or wife, I would unwraps it and fluff it out a little. Maybe even add a few more things. It does come in a rather big basket. 

This is what it looks like once you take the ribbon off. As you can see, there is a lot of love you can really do to it. Make it more of your own by having the kids pain a picture and add it in or her favorite candy on top of that. you name it. All though that cookie is really REALLY good. I was kind of sad that there was only one. 

It says its a sugar cookie but to me it had a little spice to it, like nutmage or something, oh man was it good.  Don't forget that Mother's day is just a few weeks away make sure you check out all the great Mother's day baskets that Golden State Fruit  has. And make sure you have entered to win!

PS I got an email back from Golden State Fruit, and she informed me that they pack it with a lot of room so the fruit will not be squished!!! That is why the baskets is so big and there is a ton of "fluff". That was kind of a duh moment for me lol.


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