How to sort laundry

Yes I am talking about sorting laundry. You might think that everyone know how to do this so why should I be talking about it. Well here is why, I (a 26 year old) did/does not know how to. That's right when we where kids my parents did most of the laundry. As we got older she told us to sort the colors out. You know: white's, dark's, red's, colors, white's, jean's, and Sunday cloths. As I got older and started to do my own laundry I just tossed them together, why not they are all going get get cleaned the same way, and then you save on water too. Well I did not know they needed to be washed in different water temps too!

So here is a little break down to help you, if you anything like me and just did not know:

1. Make sure you check the tag and see if it says machine wash cold, or hand wash. You will want to put the hand wash one to the side. If it has no tag or just does not say then wash with like colors.

2. Sort by colors: white's, dark's, red's, colors, white's, jean's, and towels. Best way to do this (so I heard) is to sort it by white's, lights, dark's, towel's and delicate's.

3. Pick the right water temperature: Towels and bed sheets need to be washed with hot water, warm water is for just about everything else. I have heard mixed things when it comes to jeans, I have heard warm water but an air dry in the dryer and others day cold water and no dryer. So you tell me what works best for you on that.
Cold water is also good for bright colors like reds so they don't bleed as much.

Well that is about it then you have the drying. There really are one of two way, the dryer or hang them outside. But if you are living in an apparent you might not have a choice! Well that is about it, I hope I have helped you if you did not know.


Daisy B said…
I love that basket to sort laundry!
Ree said…
I would love a laundry hamper like that! :)
Samantha said…
that would be very handy
Beeb said…
I'd love to have a laundry hamper with the dividers built in. I currently have two hampers - one for regular clothes, plus one for hand washables. The color of the fabrics in the regular bin I just sort as I go, lol!

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