Ipad Case

I love my iPad and so do my kids. So I was happy when I found Domeo. They offer different iPad cases to suit your needs. Choices include a loft folio, grip folio, tri-lounge lap desk, etc. They even have cases designed to fit a mini iPad.

I decided that the Tri-Lounge Lap Desk was the one I'd like to try out. I wanted to try this case because I'm always using my iPad while laying down in bed or laying on the couch. I use my iPad to watch movies, t.v. shows, etc.  Plus my kids are constantly laying down with my iPad to watch their shows or play their apps.

The tri lounge features:
  • Multiple viewing angles with innovative 3 sided design.
  • Inner pockets store your iPad and accessories safely while not in use
  • Support for both portrait and landscape mode
  • designed for comfort and functionality
  • plush exterior with soft foam core.
What I love about this case:
  • My kids can easily watch shows or apps together. Just set it on the floor/bed in between them and they can watch. They are no longer fighting over who gets to hold the iPad or complaining that they can't see the screen.
  • That it can be used in either portrait or landscape mode. For some apps I prefer the portrait mode, for some I tend to use landscape mode. I like that I can use this case no matter which mode I choose to use.
  • Ease of storage. I like how I can store my iPad, and charger in this case when not in use.
  • How this case is soft and comfortable to use. 
Be sure to check out Domeo for all your iPad case needs.You can also purchase their products at Sam's Club. You can also visit Domeo's Facebook, twitter, pinterest, and youtube accounts for more information about Domeo products. 

You will want to enter their facebook giveaway. Chances to win 5 different iPad cases. Enter here


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