Makit, kids make their own plate review

In 1993 I was doing a school project. At the time I was about 8 years old and I thought I was making the coolest plate in the world! Now that I am an adult i can see I was not meant to be an artiest! However my mom loved it and kept it all these years. I never knew who they where or what company did this. I just remember having a blast making my very own plate.

So to my very crazy surprise I got an email from them! But what was even funner then that was that very same day my mom was cleaning the house, took a picture of it and asked me if I remember making this. What a crazy day that was. Anyhow to get to the point. Makit is a company where kids can make their own plats, mugs, and bowls. You can put their picture on there, or have them draw something or even put some Disney princesses on there.

The kit comes with a few paper for the kids to color on, that way if they mess up they can start over. Water makers, great if you have little ones that color on themselves at time. As you can see here when Aiden first open the makers he marked his face!

Make sure when your little one is coloring that they don't get to close to the edge. It has something to do with how they put it onto the plate.

Aiden spend I think three or four days coloring his until he was ready to pick which one he wanted to go on his plate. Of course Mr. Independent did NOT want me to help him. When we got Aiden's in a few days ago he was so excited to have it! I think he has eaten almost every meal on his plate. Best part is, its dishwasher safe and safe in the microwave.

I know he is making what looks like a funny face but that is how Aiden smiles. This is a great way from kids to make moms or dads a special gift for Mother's day or Father's day. I want to say thank you to Makit for now letting me pass this down to my son. And when Logan gets older I know I am going to let him do the same


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