Mother's day giveaway sponsor: Blue Steel

 I am so excited to talk to you guys about another great sponsor for my Mother's day event! Have you ever heard of a company called Blue Steel? Yes, no? Well you need too, they have some truly beautiful jewelry there. And with Mother's day coming up I thought this would be a great giveaway for all you moms out there. Lets face it we all want to look and feel beautiful every day. So we try to wear nice things, put on make up, but nothing make me feel more beautiful then when I wear some really nice necklaces or rings. I know it should be spring time right now, but really it going to be snowing here for two more days. And I am a sucker for snowflakes. So I was really excited to find out that Blue Steel sell a gorgeous snowflake pendent.

I love this snowflake pendent because it is nice enough to wear for special occasions but it is also not so over the top that I can match it with my everyday. Now this is just a pendent it does not come with the chain. But because I have SO many it was not a deal breaker for me. This snowflake pendent is sterling sliver and has some really cute CZ around it to make it pop more!

I am not a big gold fan, which makes me an even bigger fan of Blue Steel because everything they have is sliver. From rings, ear rings, pendents and more I am sure you will also find something that you love there.

So now listen up to what you can win come April 22-30! You can win anything under $100 that is not sterling sliver or if you find something you can't live without and it is sterling sliver it must be under $50. But make sure you have one up on ever one and like Blue Steel's facebook page. 


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