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There is a ton of baby food out there now a days. And we all know I am a big fan of things that are easy to use, easy to make and healthy for my kids. But I have never heard of Nurturme me before. Nurturme is baby food that is quick-dried fruits and veggies. This is great for any babies (4 months) to a toddler (4 years). It is simple and easy to make. Just get a bowl (or a baby food jar) add breast milk, whole milk, formula or water. Mix and your done! And because the packets are so small they are easy to take with you on the go.

We started Logan out with the bananas, oh did I forget to tell you they are certified organic! I have a ton of empty baby food jars so I mix his in there.

Just add 4-5 tbsp of what ever milk or water you want to use. This is what your mixture will look like before you mix it all up. So far not bad right.

Once you mix it up it will look just like baby food, some might be a little thicker so just add a little more liquid if you need to make it smoother. Now if you have a toddler at this point you would add it to their food like rice, noodles, yogurt you name it. But because Logan is still a baby we just feed it to him as is.

And let me tell you this chunky 19 lb baby loves his food! The pouches will make about 2.5 oz of baby food, but I have found it makes closer to 3.5 oz. The other thing I love is you can mix and match the pouches, add bananas to sweet potatoes if you want! That is something you would not find in the store.

I am not sure how long the mix will last before you open it, but once you do like most baby foods it will last 2-3 in a refrigerator. Nurturme is on my list of baby food that not only my son loves but I do to. This really is great for when we go out, a small little bag that is not heavy like a jar can get. Oh yeah count me in on that!

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