Omg Nail Polish Strips Review and Giveaway 4/18

I never have time to do my nails. With two little ones I just KNOW it will get smudged before its dry. That and it will start chipping and then it looks weird, but I still like looking and feeling girly. So I needed to find something else. I had seen at store the nail polish strips but was never sure if it would work. I always wanted to try it, and now I got the change. OMG Nail Strips send me two different strips so see how I like it. As you can see from this picture I don't have the best long nails out there.

With spring right around the corner. (I say this because we got snow last week) I was sent a fun floral patteren of nail strips. It was really easy to put on. I thought it would be this long process where you had to cut the ends and shape then and it would be hard..... But really it was not bad at all. So here is what you do, first pick out the right side that will fit your nail.  Peel off the clear part, stick it to your nail. Make sure you press hard to get a good stick. 

The press really hard on the end with your nail to peel/cut the edge off. Here is where  I ended up using finger nail clippers. It gave it a closer cut and to me it was easier. Repeat that on each nail and boom your nails are done in less then 10 min.

Ok so now here is the lasting test. For me it lasted almost a week, and that is with showers, bathing the boys, washing dishes and every other mom thing you can think of. So when it started to chip a little I could just peel it off with a little presser and my nail. OMG nail strips has a ton of fun patterns to pick from.

AND they are offering THREE winner 2 strips each!

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Jennifer Pierce said…
I love the pink zebra foil strips :)
polishedpossum said…
My favourite is Speckle!
tarter95 said…
I like the Zebra.
Suzie Williams said…
I like the purple leopard strips.

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