Strider Balance Bikes perfect for outdoor play

As the weather is starting to warm up, my kids have been wanting to enjoy the weather outside. So we have spent many days outside riding their balance bikes. If you are unfamiliar with balance bikes check out my Educational post or Kazam balance bike review.  This time around I'm happy to share my thoughts on my son's Strider Balance bike. These bikes are perfect for outdoor play.

Jerom happy to ride his bike. (Sorry for the bad picture quality he wouldn't hold still.)

My husband assembled both this bike and the Kazam bike on the same day. Lucky for him they both only took a few minutes to put together.

How easy was the assembly of this bike?
My husband commented that the bike was so nicely packed in the box that it took more time getting it out of the box then assembling. Everything was included that he needed to put it together. The instructions were easy to understand and follow.  The bike was assembled within minutes.

Construction of bike:
The bike was packaged well and seems to be made durable. We have had it for several months now and there is no wear and tear showing on this bike. Despite how rough my 2 year old has been with the bike. It is constructed with a strong durable welded steel frame. The handlebar comes with padding and it has no-flat EVA Polymer tires. The tires provide a nice and smooth ride.

The bike we choose is a nice blue.  My son's favorite color is blue and this was perfect! If your child prefers a different color the bike also comes in yellow, pink, orange or red.
Ease of Use: The seat adjusts with a no tool quick release. It is easy to adjust to whichever height you need for your child. All adjustments are easy to make.  I can adjust the seat within seconds. In fact my neighbor was surprised at how quickly I adjusted the seat to fit a different child. I love that this bike is lightweight. My 2 year old son can carry it when he needs to. Lightweight is nice because its not a pain for me to carry when he gets tired of riding partway through a bike ride.

Does my Son like it? Jerom is constantly asking to ride his bike. He loves it! Jerom loves that he can bring it outside and before he is even outside he is trying to sit on it and go. Most of the time he sits on this bike and scoots his feet along. Sometimes he tries to go fast. He has tried to ride it in the house and would have if I'd let him. This is one of his toys. 


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