Summer Bridge Activities review

Well the school year is almost over. What are you going to do with your kids too keep them busy? What about what they learned in school? Are you worried that they are going to do a brain dump once they get home? I know I had a hard time going back to school after 3ish months off. While my kids are still a little young we have been working hard with Aiden on teaching him his colors, numbers, and shapes. So when  Summer Bridge Activities offered me a booklet that is full of games and activities for kids as young as PreK I had to jump on it.

They have you covered for just about every grade from: PreK—K , K—1, 1—2, 2—3, and so on up to grades 7—8. Each day you do just two lesson that way your kids will feel like its fun and not homework. What we have come to love right now because Aiden is still little, is the flash card in the back. This way we are teaching him how to count, and pick out colors and shapes. We try to make is fun and give him sticker for ever one he gets right.

As you can see here this is what day six and seven looks like. For day six you have to find and color in the ovals. Then on day seven you just color in one crown. Then when you turn the page you can see what they other lesson for that day is. This way you can do one in the morning and then one maybe before or after dinner. 

Then at the end of the summer when your kids finish the workbook they can get this certificate of completion and maybe take them out for something special. This is the PreK-K Summer Bridge Activities workbook. This really is a great way to help your kids for the next school year. Or if you are homeschooling they are some great lesson plans! Head on over and see what one works for your kids. You can buy your book for $14.99 or get the ebook for $5.99.


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