What's your expectations yourself being new parents

What's your expectations yourself being new parents
Well, you are looking forward to start a new life with a new family member. You might already have you’re your nursery decorated and your hospital bag is packed. You know that it will definitely be tough for you during the first weeks of your parenthood. But, there are various ways to help you ease the transition. And, looking after your baby is a round-the-clock task. So, the best way to learn is by observing and through experience. There will be no time left between changing those diapers and feeding your baby. And, like this isn’t enough, you’ll have to experience many sleepless nights. So, before your baby arrives, take some time to make your life baby proof.
Organize your home before the baby arrives
Now, you need to prepare yourself for all the demands of your newborn like – feed me, change me and put me to bed. So, you need to prepare a list of everything you will require, like clothes, toys, feeding bottles etc. then, just sort them out and store it in some place where it is easy for you to reach. And, just make use of any opportunity to eat your favorite foods and all healthy snacks.

Take time for yourself and your spouse
In your parenthood, you quite often focus only on your baby and put aside your needs as a couple. Sometimes, this can lead to break-ups. So, you need to support each other and work like a team. You could spend at least fifteen minutes with your partner everyday. Go out and get some fresh air. This would be a great way to rest your body and mind. Though it is quite tough these days to find a babysitter, make sure you find someone trustworthy. Also, go out on dates quite often, even if it is just for tea or coffee. By doing this, you’ll find time for yourself to relax with your spouse.
Modify your expectations
Most parents usually expect a peaceful transition when they bring home the newest family member. But still, it is very difficult to look after an infant. Sometimes, it can be exhausting and boring. Also, many get easily stressed. So, when it comes to phone calls, housework, thank you notes and errands, you need to lighten up.
See to it both of you engage
This sometimes happens. Many couples do what others usually do. Most of you assume that it is the mother’s job to look after the baby and think that a mother can automatically set things in order. However, now-a-days, though there is equality in parenting role, mothers are expected to take most of the workload. So, it would do well if both of you sit, take some time and discuss what roles each one of you is going to take. So, if your workload is more and you are feeling bored, you will know that your spouse will be there to help you in other matters.
Don’t ever feel miserable
Many new moms feel miserable thinking that they cannot be a good mother to their kids. Also, many feel worried that they cannot bond properly with their newborn as they were unsuccessful in breastfeeding. And some feel disappointed that their baby didn’t look like they had hoped. There are also many moms who fret they don’t even get time to have a shower. New moms feel exhausted and miserable as things don’t go according to their expectations. But, this should not be the case with you.
Do your best for best results
Well, many of you do your best without me having to tell you. But, most often, motherhood goes according to the plan. All those moms whom you find always browsing over books, getting expert advice too often have children who are too fussy. If this is the same case with you, then even you should do your best. Get expert advice if you have to. Also, this is not bad. When your baby is hard to look after, you tend to change yourself or your child into something he/she is not. And, your child turns out to be well tamed.
The birth of a baby, be it girl or boy, is a wonderful transition for all the members of the family. But, sometimes it can lead to changes in emotions and relationships. So, by being careful, you can successfully cross your early stages of parenthood.

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