Yoomi review, Gearing up for baby sponsor.

Ok I know this one is late but I had a hard time pumping this last week. But for the lucky winner who is wounder what a Yoomi is, I am about to tell you what your new favorite bottle on the go is. First I have to ask, how many times have you gone out with a bottle just to ask someone for hot water? Logan hates HATES to have his milk cold or at room temperature. So when ever we go out, I have to think of how to warm up his bottle while we are out. Do I warm the milk up first, or when we get where we are going? Ever have that problem? I know some of you might be thinking, "no because I just breastfeed" But what about when your on a date without them? 

Well Yoomi is your answer. It is a bottle that warms your baby's milk in 60 seconds. Right at this point your thinking. WHAT??? Yes I know when I saw this and heard about it, I had to get my hands on it. So there are three parts to this bottle: the bottle where you put the milk in, the nipple, and the "brains" to it all  the warmer.

It really is easy to use. Just ,"charge your warmer in the yoomi pod in approx 2 mins in the microwave (750-1000 watts) using the "heat shake, heat shake" method or place the warmer in a pan of water (or steam steriliser) and boil for 25 minutes."

Once you have it charged you just push the orange button and wait 60 seconds. Now as your holding the bottle you will find that the milk at the bottom is still cold or cool. Don't worry it should be. As the milk flows through the "cracks" or "allies" on the warmer it will just warm the milk that passes by. This way the milk at the bottom still stays cool but the milk that the baby drinks will be warm. 

Oh did I tell you that it stays warm for an hour! And you can reuse the warmer 100 times! I love this bottle and as you can see Logan loves it too. Want to get your own? Check it out on Yoomi's shopping page.

Still not sure? Well then just head on over and watch the videos on the how to us yoomi page.


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