7 Great Child Friendly Video Sites

7 Great Child Friendly Video Sites
The Internet is a vast collection of knowledge that everyone can use regardless of their age. As online technologies advance, entertainment can be provided to our children in a way they never had before outside of television. Although YouTube and Vimeo may be loaded with questionable content at times, there are sites out there that are dedicated to producing quality content for children. Whether you are looking for educational material to watch or the child just wants to experience controlling their own entertainment, there are sites that are child-safe and easy to use.

1. National Geographic - When it comes to the natural order of things from an educational perspective, few organizations have done more than National Geographic. This area of the website is tailored to the specific needs of children and is loaded with entertaining and educational content. Kids can explore the wonders of the world and learn a great deal from the many videos provided by National Geographic.

2. Zui.com - Zui.com is a compilation of videos specifically tailored for kids. Movie trailers, funny animal videos, singing, sports, and more await your child and all content is child safe. The site is provided by the same people who designed the Zui web-browser for kids.

3. Kidyos.com - The content located on Kidyos.com is essentially direct links and embedded videos that have been screened by the developers for safety. Why bookmark every child-friendly site you go to when Kidyos.com has a large supply of friendly and safe content for children of all ages? This site takes the child-safe guess work out of the Internet for parents.

4. PBSKids.org - When it comes to children's televised material, few can hold a candle to PBS. Now that the Internet is such an integral part of everyday life, the PBS Kids area is full of this continued effort to bring quality and educational material to the younger audience.

5. KidsTube - Similar to YouTube, KidsTube has content uploaded and created by kids for kids. Whether these are videos that have been ripped from elsewhere or created with a kid's webcam, these videos are screened by admins and quality is assured throughout the site. Tens of thousands of members frequent the website and it's a safe environment for your little one.

6. Kideos - The Kideos website utilizes YouTube videos that have been deemed safe for children of varying ages. Each video is placed in a specific age group and ready for your young one to visit. As these videos are embedded, the owners have opted out of showing relevant search material in order to reduce the chance of inadvertently showing inappropriate material.

7. Disney - What list of child-safe content would be complete without the inclusion of Disney? From the video link, kids are able to watch clips, shows and Disney movies from a safe and secure environment.

These are just a few of the sites that are tailored specifically for children. The content is monitored and parents can rest easy knowing that no inappropriate material will accidentally be searchable from these locations. In many regards, the educational value alone is worth allowing your child to watch the content within these sites. Investigate the possibility of adding these to your child's online routines and be comforted that their best interests are taken into account.
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