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Well June 16th. While most of you are thinking of what to get your mom for Mother's day this Sunday. Just don't forget that Father's day is June 16th that is only a little more then a month away. What to do something special for him? Of course you do what kind of question is that! When Ryan and I first got married I made him a coupon book. You know the kind where it says good for one day night, one massage and so on. Well how about a book that is full of fun date idea? Well with Datevitation you can.

Datevitation is a one of the kind book where you can add and customize what you want in the coupon book. If you have ever seen coupon books at the store, it is what it is you can't change anything about it. With Dateviation there are over 350 different date ideas. This book is great for any occasions not just Father's day.

But because Father's day is coming up I made one for Ryan. The first coupon on put in Ryan's book is a date without the kids. Now a days that is kind of hard to come by so I knew he would love that. Then because I know he loves sushi I made a coupon for that too. You can even have some "For Adults only" coupons.

Most books start at $20, that is for 5 pages/coupons. But right now you can get $10 off so yeah 50%! Just use promo code MUMMYKNOWS before June 6th! Also if you order by June 6th you will get a guaranteed delivery by Father's day.

Datevitaion is a family business ran by a sweet husband and wife team (Alex and Olga Karpman). You can get to know more about them and their life at Datevitation blog. You can also see other great date ideas and romantic gestures. Oh and Alex, this is so cute he posted his proposel to Olga on that page too. It is so sweet you should go watch it here.


These are way cute. I really liked the offroading date activity. My husband would love this!
bunnyswagg said…
jeannie said…
I like the love letters, it is cute and I do love love letters:)
Faa said…
I love the Paintballing,suit our family.

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