Post Sesame Street Cereal review and giveaway 5/22

Getting Aiden to eat anything in the morning has been a fight. We have tired offering his every thing from fruits to cereal to even smoothies. But most days he just does not like to eat until lunch. Well that was until we got our hands on the new Post Sesame Street Cereal. Most kids know who Elmo or the Cookie monster is. And of course kids want things with cartoon characters they know on it. So when Post put Elmo and the Cookie monster on it, of course Aiden would want it.

They come in X's and O's so not only are they good for eating but also you can play tic tack toe with your little one. Or teach them to separated the X's from the O's. I think we have had just as much fun eating them as we have playing with them. While some mornings Aiden still does not eat, whenever we ask him what he wants he says, "Cookie Monster cereal". Post Sesame Street Cereal comes in two different flavors, A is for Apple and B is for Banana.  Hit has a slight hit of it without being over the top. 

How would you like to get this for your little one? Well you can get a $1 off coupon on Post Sesame Street Cereal facebook page or you could enter to win both of the great flavors.

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