Sambazon giveaway! 5/24

OK call me childish or funny but I just love saying the word Acai (ah-sigh-ee)! Ok but really I am not a big fan of the taste of Acai berries BUT I have found that I love Sambazon's Acai smoothies. I tired a just about all of the Acai drinks that Sambazon makes, and they make a few. Like Acai, blended breakfast, Energy, protein, and supergreens with Kale and Ginger.
Now I got to try Sambazon with a few friends of mine, Ryan (my husband) and I liked the Protein one the most. Here are a few facts and health benefits about the protein one. It has 10g of organic vegan whole food protein per bottle, it keeps you full longer and comes in three really yummy flavors: Acai berry and Vanilla, Acai berry and chocolate (witch I could not find) and my all time favorite chocolate, almond and coconut milk. 

The one thing I did find was a problem was that I could not find that the drinks. I went to sprouts and they only had the Acai blueberry and pomegranate and/or  the supergreens. I had to go to Whole food to get any of the others and even then they don't have them all there ether.

My sister liked the Blended Breakfast, and now that she is working she does not always have time to eat. She said this is great because she can just take one to work with her. While at this fun tasting party, each person got to go home with at least one or two free coupons to get their own Sambazon drink. We also had a giveaway for a $45 wooden bowl and spoon. That we are now offering to on of you. Not only just that but you will also get three coupons for you to try Sambazon.

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