The Blog Workshop #TBWC13 made a difference to me

 So I went to my very first Blogging conferences yesterday, and man did I learn a lot. Not just about blogging but also about myself. They talked a lot about getting a Media kit up for your blog, and also what kind of blogger you are. Most of the time people who are bloggers have taken some kind of journalism class. Well I have not, in fact I used to hate writing. But once I became a new mom I wanted to help other moms find out as much info as they can. This is one reason why I love to do product reviews. I also am going to start talking about my struggles in my every day life more. Because lets face it chances are you might have them or, or have had them and know how to deal with it.

I want to say thank you to all who have followed my blog. It means the word to me. If you leave me a comment and have a blog of your own please make sure you leave a link so I can come see you.


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