Why the mother is the true friend of the child

Why the mother is the true friend of the child
As Mother’s Day celebrations kick in around the world, both the general public as well as sociology scholars begin to examine the relationship that children have with their mothers. Even though parenting techniques have changed considerably as the social fabric of cultures around the world has, the basic relationship between mother and child remains the same in its essence. Mothers are still considered the best friends of their children and for good reasons too. We examine the reasons why the mother is still considered the true friend of the child.

A mother knows the child most intimately
Through gestation and taking care of the child in the first few months of its life outside the womb, a mother is perhaps the only person that could know a child more intimately than he knows himself. If you ask a mother about the child, she would tell you stories about how he began to show his personality right from his time in the womb- whether he was a peaceful inhabitant or were rowdy and active and so on. A child only develops complete self awareness of his habits and desires when he reaches adulthood though his mother knows his likes and dislikes from the first few days of his existence itself.
A mother is instinctively wired to the child’s needs
Since a mother is wired to respond to a child’s needs, she is the one person that the child can truly depend on. From satiating hunger to the need to be cleaned or soothed or even entertained, the mother always knows how to keep the happy.
Children are wired to be the most closely bonded with their mothers
Since mothers are the primary caregivers for a better part of a child’s life, the child too becomes hard wired to bond with her the most closely. Even if his father, nanny or older siblings may love him very much, the child would always defer to his mother when he is truly distressed.
The child fulfils the mother’s need to nurture
Without the child, a woman cannot be a mother. It is only through giving birth or bringing up a child that a woman is able to experience motherhood and is able to fulfill her own innate need to nurture another person. The reason compels the mother to always pay close attention to the child and to respond to his needs.
Mother is the child’s first companion
Even if a child is surrounded by family members since birth, the mother essentially remains his first companion, the one person that he spends a majority of his time with through the first few months of his life. The memory of this time spent together and this dependence lives on with the child even when he grows up. The child craves the company of the mother as he misses seeing the face which dominated his immediate landscape when he left the comforting environment of the womb.
Mother is the child’s first teacher
Most people don’t really recognize the mother’s role in the education of the child. Even if the mother isn’t responsible for the child’s school education, it is she who teaches the child to walk, eat, and speak and how to interact with the world around him. It is on the basis of this knowledge that the child is able to learn all the other skills that help him survive and prosper in the world.
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