Dr. Patch Eye Patch

Many of you may recall that my daughter has a lazy eye condition that requires her to wear an eye patch. It is hard getting her to wear the patch all the time and some of her current patches keep breaking. So I've been looking online for better patches.

I found Dr. Patch. They have a variety of eye patches to fit various needs. You can choose from partial occlusion or full occlusion depending on your patching needs. My daughter is supposed to do full occlusion so I was sent two full occlusion silicone patches.

The patches are lightweight and have a suction cup on them to stick directly to the inside of her glasses. They block her from seeing out the sides of her glasses so that the patched eye is completely hidden.
Then for the front of her glasses she was sent 2 different sets of designs. She received the Festive and the Kittish. The festive set has Santa Clause on it and is perfect for the holidays. The Kittish set has kitty cat designs. Both are perfect for my 5 year old daughter.
To use the Festive or Kittish design you simply apply a transparent sticker to the glasses. Then you trace around it to get the glasses design. You then use that as your template to trace/cut your patch out. Once your patch is cut out it sticks directly onto the glasses. Each sheet set makes at least 6 patches. However you can most likely get 12 or more patches out of it depending on how you cut them and the size of your glasses. The patches can be reused and stored on a bookmark that was included.
My daughter was also sent a eye glass cleaning cloth, and a booklet to record her patching. The booklet has places to record her eye condition, dr. visits and vision progress. This is an easy way to see how the patching is helping. It also includes 12 months worth of patching charts. The charts are awesome because it helps encourage my daughter to continue with the patching. Each day she patches she can place a sticker on the chart. When the month is complete the stickers create a picture that is the same as one of the eye patch designs. This is a fun way to help my daughter with patching.

While Eye patching is not a pleasant thing for my daughter Dr. Patch has made the process easier for my daughter .The patches are reusable, durable, and do not hurt when used. They are also very cost effective and less expensive than other patches I've seen.

If you have know of anybody who has to patch be sure to direct them to Dr. Patch. stay connected with Dr. Patch through their facebook page too. 


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